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Inman Aligner near Baker Street Station

The Inman Aligneris nothing short of amazing. This custom orthodontic appliance is available at exclusively trained cosmetic dentists and orthodontists near Baker Street Station. Patients considering the sometimes aggressive procedure of veneers are delighted to discover the option of using the Inman Aligner. Discussing this option with your progressive cosmetic dentist or orthodontist near Baker Street Station will reveal the striking benefits of the Inman Aligner. With veneers, twisted or badly misaligned teeth may require extensive drilling to reduce their size to a point where a cosmetic specialist or orthodontist near Baker Street Station could set the veneers into proper alignment. This can be a painful process, as the tooth nerve can be involved. The Inman aligner avoids this extreme process and allows realignment without reshaping your teeth. Your well-trained cosmetic dentist or orthodontist near Baker Street Station can utilise the Inman Aligner to straighten your upper or lower front teeth in as little as 6 weeks – with more complex cases taking possibly 16 weeks.

Inman Aligner Marylebone, W1

Compared to the months of treatment required with normal or invisible braces, this is wonderful news to patients looking to complete their teeth straightening treatment with their cosmetic dentist near Baker Street Station in record time. This remarkably short treatment time is accomplished due to the unique design of the Inman Aligner which generates continuous, comfortable orthodontic force on the front teeth. Your specially trained cosmetic dentist or orthodontist near Baker Street Station can explain in depth how this push-pull synergy of forces allows the realignment of your teeth to happen so quickly and with only minor discomfort in the beginning. Space age materials are used to ensure the orthodontic pressure required is consistent and equal throughout your treatment period. This also makes repeat visits to your expert cosmetic dentist near Baker Street Station for adjustments unnecessary. Inman Aligners have been described as the missing link between cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics – and for people dreaming of a perfect smile without the expense and potential pain of veneers or traditional braces – it can be a real blessing. Take a moment today and visit with a cosmetic dentist or orthodontist near Baker Street Station about Inman Aligners and beautifying your smile.

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