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Invisalign Baker Street

Invisalign invisible braces, available from fine Baker Street dentists, are a highly popular teeth straightening system that allows you to realign your teeth without anyone being the wiser. Invisalign braces are used around the world by patients who wish to affect rapid teeth straightening with the convenience of a removable dental appliance. The cosmetic dental experts in the Baker Street area can provide detailed information on the benefits of the Invisalign braces system. A progressive system, Invisalign braces are a fully customised set of appliances created from precise measurements taken by your Baker Street dentist. The treatment procedure consists of you wearing a different Invisalign brace for prescribed amounts of time over the course of your teeth straightening treatment. Your Baker Street Invisalign cosmetic or orthodontic dentist will conduct a careful examination of your teeth and their misalignments to determine your treatment time.

Invisalign in Marylebone, W1

Some misalignments only require three Invisalign braces worn over a period of three months – or even less! Created exclusively for you by your Baker Street dental professional, your Invisalign braces are exact moulds of your existing teeth. Each progressive Invisalign brace is different in small increments determined by your Baker Street dentist. These tiny changes in alignment in each Invisalign brace slowly and gently move each individual tooth into the new alignment position. This gentle, steady pressure allows not only a very low discomfort level in your treatment, but also can affect rapid realignment changes. Your Baker Street cosmetic dentist will be able to show you your finished Invisalign smile using computer-generated images. Over the duration of your Invisalign treatment, you will be able to clearly see how your teeth are moving towards this beautiful conclusion. Invisalign braces may be the perfect solution to your misaligned teeth – why not stop by or call your Baker Street cosmetic dentist today?

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